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Dan Thornton and friends share pictures of hikes and outings, primarily on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. God has blessed us with great surrounding beauty.

Appalachian Trail Clingmans Dome 2004 July
Bean Creek Trail 2006 October
Bear Mountain Trail 2006 June
Bird Point to Girdwood Bike Path Info 2004 August
Caines Head 2001 June
Caines Head 2001 June
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Caines Head 2004 June
Caines Head 2004 June
(20 Images)
Caines Head Hike 2006 September
Caines Head Alpine Trail 2004 June
Captain Cook Beach North Hike 2005 June
Captain Cook Beach North Hike 2006 April
Carter Lake Trail 2001 April
Carter Lake Trail 2002 March
Carter Lake Trail to Crescent Creek Trail 2008 July
Crescent Creek Trail and Cabin 2003 August
Crescent Creek Trail 2006 May
Crow Pass Trail to Cabin 2003 July
Crow Pass Trail 2004 July
Crow Pass Trail to River Crossing and Back 2006 July
Crow Pass Trail 2007 September
Devils Creek Trail 2006 July
Devils Pass Resurrection Trail 2001 August
Emma Lake Trail Caribou Hunt 2003 August
Exit Glacier 2002 June
Flat Top Hike 2004 June
Flat Top Hike 2006 July
Fuller Lakes Trail 2006 May
Fuller Lakes Trail to Skyline Ridge 2007 June
Halibut Cove 2001 June
Harding Ice Field Exit Glacier Hike 2001 June
Harding Ice Field Exit Glacier Hike 2005 July
Hidden Creek Trail 2003 June
Hidden Creek Trail 2006 June
Hideout Hill 2008 June
Hideout Trail 2002 March
Hideout Trail 2003 June
Hope Point Trail 2008 June
Johnson Pass Trail 2005 July
K-Beach Swamp Moose Hunt 2001
Kenai River Canoe 2001 April
Kenai River Fishing 2001 July
Kenai River Trail 2003 June
Kenai River Trail Snowshoe 2003 December
Kenai River Trail South 2006 June
Manistee National Forest Michigan 2002 August
Marathon Road Moose Hunt 2001
Mt Marathon Hike 2005 June
Near Point Hike Anchorage 2005 June
Pollard Trail and Nurses Cabin 2006 September
Portage to Grandview Alaska Railroad 2006 June
Primrose Trail to Lost Lake 2001 September
Primrose and Lost Lake Trail Hike and Camp 2003 July
Prince William Sound Bear Hunt 2004 May
Ptarmigan Creek Trail 2001 October
Resurrection Pass Trail 2002 June
Resurrection Pass Trail 2004 July
Resurrection Pass Trail to Juneau Falls 2005 July
Resurrection Pass Trail 2006 July
Resurrection Pass Trail to Trout Lake Cabin 2006 October
Resurrection Pass Trail 2007 June
Resurrection River Trail 2008 June
Round Mountain Sheep Hunt 2002 August
Russian River Falls 2001 June
Russian River Falls 2001 June b
Russian River Falls 2004 May
Russian River Trail Lake Cabin and Falls 2003 July
Russian River Trail Snowshoe 2004 February
San Jacinto Mountain Hike California 2006 August
Seven Lakes Trail 2001 June
Sierra Mountains near Bishop CA 2001 August
Six Mile Creek Gorge 2005 June
Skilak Lake Boating 2003 October
Skilak Lookout Trail 2001 August
Skilak Lookout Trail 2007 July
Skilak Lookout Trail 2006 June
Skilak Lookout Trail Showshoe 2008 April
Skyline Trail to Fuller Lakes Trail Hike 2003 June
Skyline Trail to Fuller Lakes Trail Hike 2005 June
Skyline Trail to Fuller Lakes Trail Hike 2006 June
Skyline Trail 2004 May
Skyline Trail 2005 May
Skyline Trail 2008 May
Summit Creek Trail 2002 July
Summit Creek Trail 2004 June
Summit Creek Trail 2008 June
Summit Lake Reflections 2004 June
Surprise Creek Trail 2003 September
Swanson River Canoe 2001 June
Trail River Moose Hunt 2002 August
Turnagain Arm Trail 2005 May
Tustumena Lake Moose Hunt 2005 September
Upper Russian Lake Hike and Cabin 2006 October
Wayne National Forest Cave and Hike 2001 November

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